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Biodiversity & Climate Change

We all know that climate alter is as of now having an effect on biodiversity, and is anticipated to ended up a dynamically more noteworthy danger within the coming decades. Ecosystems are as of now appearing negative impacts beneath current levels of climate change which is unassuming compared to future anticipated changes…. In expansion to warming temperatures, more visit extraordinary climate occasions and changing designs of precipitation and dry season can be anticipated to have noteworthy impacts on biodiversity.Sarbaday accept that the climate change is as of now is effecting the biodiversity, and is anticipated to ended up a dynamically more noteworthy danger within the coming decades. To meet up the above mentioned goal, this organizations aims :

  • To help the social groups and individuals to acquire knowledge of pollution and environmental degradation.
  • To help social groups and individuals to acquire knowledge of the environment beyond the immediate environment including distant environment.
  • To help social groups and individuals to acquire a set of values for environmental protection.
  • To help social groups and individuals to develop skills required for making discriminations in form, shape, sound, touch, habits and habitats. Further, to develop ability to draw unbiased inferences and conclusions.
  • To provide social groups and individuals with an opportunity to be actively involved at all levels in environmental decision making.

Roll out Activities

  •   Conducting community survey on Biodiversity

    stduy on biodiversity done by sarbaday Sanga with the help of West Bengal Biodiverity Board. th eprimary objective is to find out the exisiting flora and fauna and how to restore all these species thorugh active community participation.

  •   Facilitate community for envorment cleaning

    This is the ongoing programme of the organization that included mainly four activities. They are as follows:

    • Educate about health food plants and linkage with Blocks and Gram Panchayat offices along with other local resources where to get the same.
    • Aware to make his or her own community clean by using trashbins or specific place for aste products, less usage of non boidgradable waste and quaretrly area cleanig programme by Self Help groups membsr and their well wishers.
    • Generate awareness to buy commodities from local areas. This helps to reduce usage of motorised vehicles, minimize traffic jams, etc.
    • All water sources to be tested at least once a year either by the local administartion or by the community people. Draainage system to be open to reduce water logging in the rainy season.

  •   Protecting the natural resources

    From its very inception, Sarboday Saangha has been laying stress upon plantation activities in its intervention area and thereby achieving all the four types of ecosystem services rendered by plants as categorized in Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, 2005. ). The plants category are 1) nutrition and food security, 2) supporting i.e. Nutrient cycles, nitrogen fixing and oxygen production 3) regulating (disease and climate control, carbon dioxide sequestration and 4) cultural (spiritual and recreational) apart from the specific ones like embankment protection and economic augmentation in the coastal areas of Khejuri II. The local school studnets were encouraged to develop nursery at school ground and are presented with various saplings and thereby inculcate the habit of planting and nurturing trees from their formative age.

  •   Organize events for community awareness

    throughout the year Sarbadoy organizes many events related to climate change, biodiversity, environement cleaaniliness. The gilrs group, i.e. Kishori Bahini ( comprise of 55 girls) in the project area are being act as a change agent in this case. IEC materials are being distributed and door to ddor awareness also done.