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Education & Protection

A good education from the childhood is very much needed and Sarboday Sangha make an effort to provide all aspects so that these children can be  economically productive, can learn alternative sustainable livelihoods, and also can make contributions to peaceful and democratic societies. The learning outcomes which are required vary according to context however at the give up of the primary education cycle ought to consist of threshold stages of literacy and numeracy, basic scientific know-how and life competencies including recognition and prevention of disease.  The whole aspect is based on six prongs and those are:

  •  Equity
  •  Contextualization and relevance
  •  Child friendly teaching and learning
  •  Sustainability
  •  Balanced approach
  •  Learning outcomes

Roll out Activities


    This child eeducation centre is  running since 1991 by a group of trained teachers with the purpose of joyful learning  among the first generation learners of the rural and poores of the poor family. Moreover some of the children intake are from the other economical class to have a mix up of children from all social, economic and religious backgrounds.  The current strength of children is 280 (up to standard IV).
    This school is conceived and nurtured with a vision to see an Educated and Empowered India, especially to make quality education available to the hinterland and hence remove this disparity created by geography . It also offers a preschool program whoever wants to sent their children to the government aided school at any classes till class V.
    In addition there is a facility of dance so that students can learn teamwork, foucs and improvisational skills. We belive that dance awakens  new perceptions in children which help them learn and think in new ways. Children need to express and communicate their ideas and to be given the opportunity to make creative decisions, even at a young age. Variety of dances are taught that inlcude Classical, Regional and Creative. In addition, school also have facilities on Gymnastics and Bratachari. Gymnastics instruction helps develop better coordination and body awareness. For young children, interacting with their surroundings is mostly physical in their early years. Gymnastics provides them with the skills to interact with their environment in ways that other children cannot.  Bratachari is a type of small folk games and have also become of the important for  development of moral values and develop social relationships, and help students in their physical, motor, psychological, social and mental development. The small folk games have also become of the important means that help in the development of moral values and develop social relationships, and help students in their physical, motor, psychological, social and mental development.

    There also a children park named SUHAS CHOUDHURY MEMORIAL CHILDREN PARK, where every children of the school plays. They had been trained on our various innovative approaches and methods of daily life learning and organizing exposure cum educational tour in every year. 

    The average student’s attendance is about 98%. There is a children Library and the children themselves have the entire responsibility of running libraries. In this school the children from committees to oversee the cleaning work, sports and games. There are 11 teachers and 1 non- teaching staff.  Schhol provides nutrition with the help of Smile Foundation for last 6 years for school children on regular basis.


    Sarboday Sangha is running a daycare Creche since 1992 with the support of CSWB (Central Social Welfare Board) for children under 6 years and whose mothers are angaed in day labour or any other wage labour activities. The objectives are as follows:

    • To provide day-care facilities for children (6 months to 6 years) of working mothers in the community
    • To improve nutrition and health status of children.
    • To promote physical, cognitive, social and emotional development (Holistic Development) of children.
    • To educate and empower parents /caregivers for better childcare.

    The crèche is running from 9.00 mornings to 4.00 afternoons. The women trained teachers and caretakers are engaged to look after the children with nutritious food. The children are learnt various things with play method without any difficulties. At present there are 25 children attaneing the creche. The services rendered are :

    • Daycare Facilities including Sleeping Facilities.
    • Early Stimulation for children below 3 years and Pre-school Education for 3 to 6 years old children.
    • Supplementary Nutrition
    • Growth Monitoring.
    • Health Check-up and Immunization.


    Since 2014, Sarboday Sangha running a co-ed. primary teacher’s training institution with the recognition of NCTE and affiliated by West Bengal Board of Primary Teacher’s Education. It is mainly for rural students those who are not able to get training from a reputed institution. Thers is hostel facilities primarily for the girl’s students. Organization arranged homestay facilities for boys students in the locality at nominal cost. THe college have a detailed library as well as wifi services so that studnets can access internet at their own time. There are adequate numbers of qualified, experienced and trained faculty members who have been engaged and they are much cooperative with students to make all students the best and successful in future. At present the totals tudents are 100 . For further details uou can also visit ....... in.org

  •   FUNCTIONING OF KISHORI BAHINI ( brigade of girl children)

    One of the flagship programme for child rights as per the UN convention. Sarbadoy Sangha belief that child protection is essential to the children's well-being because, as vulnerable people, they are more exposed to problems of mistreatment, exploitation, discrimination and violence. In this area the number of organization working in this issue is extremely less and thus the trafficking of girl children in 10 years ago was rising due to poverty and lack of awareness. Organization developed a group of girll children with incorporation of new member every year to address the issue of early marriage, domestic violence, any kind of abuse agaisnt women and children. In every Gram panchayat there is a KISHORI BAHINI who are organizing awareness programme on the above mentioned issues.