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Health Programs

The aim of the health education and health promotion is to improve the understanding of both general and reproductive health of village men and women across Contai sub division (District: Purba Medinipur) with the belief that when people become educated and healthy lifestyles are demonstrated, they are able to promote and maintain their own health. The key goal is to overcome the myths about old practices, warn against unhygienic practices and mobilize everyone to take care of their health for positive changes in attitudes. It is agreeable that health behaviour is achieved by delivering mother's awareness programmes, cultural communication, and general health education and counselling. To fulfill the above, the organization reached out the following aims and those are as follows:

  •  Work together with the state run health services for reducing maternal and child morbidities and mortalities.
  •  Improving community general health by providing outpatient services and conducting health awareness meetings and camps.
  •  Increasing awareness of health and nutrition in partnership with state run sub centers.
  •  Facilitating community to access available health schemes and building strong linkage with the service providers.

Roll out Activities

  •   Running out patient care service – The rural health centre runs OPD at the organization campus from 11-5 pm, services provided by the medical officer are for general medicine and gynaecology. There is a token amount for check up and medicines prescribed are provided at subsidize cost. Patients need further consultation are being referred to the sub-centers and block hospitals. Pregnant mothers are bing referred to the sub- centers and linked with ASHA workers.
  •   Running vilaage health unit – For the community benefit organization provided a space to the government run health service providers for providing Antenatal and Post natal care and checkups of pregnant women. Immunization for these women allso being done and organzitation plays the community mobilization role. Consultation done by the organizzation health workers in relation to basic Health & Hygiene, mother & Child care. The project staffs also help in identifying the Pregnant mothers at the first trimester and registration in the local government sub-centre. Ensure immunization of new born child untill 5 years. Sarboday also advicate with the Block health people when the immunization is unavailable.
  •   Organize Health Camps – Conducting health awareness camps on how to remain healthy, personal health and hygiene, importance of institutional delivery, breast feeding and immunization; vector borne diseases like dengue, malaria along with contagious diseases like Tuberculosis, STD and HIV/AIDS.

    Significant Achievement :

    •   100% institutional delivery ensured in Khejuri I and Khejuri II blocks from 75% in last 10 years.
    •   Significant drop out in maternal mortality and child mortality.
    •   100% immunization intake among pregnant mother and new born children.
        OPD reached 3500 cases in last year.