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Marine Fisheries

Fortunately the working area of the organization is in the coastal zone of Bay of Bengal and thus a 80% of the family members are deeply associated with fisheries. For this Sarbadoya is the only organization in this entire Contai subdivision working in the development of the fishing community in partnering with NETFISH ( Network for Fish Quality Management & Sustainable Fishing, a society under MPEDA, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India).

The aims are as follows:

  •  To act as a facilitator for upgrading the technology and quality mmanagement of fishing and fish processing sectors with a view to improving the quality of marine products.
  •  To organize appropriate training programmes on fish quality management and conservation of fish resources for fishing and fish processing industry in the entire subdivision.
  •  To generate internal resources by offering various services to the sector and to member societies.
  •  To assist the people involved in marine fisheries to avail loanat subsidised interest rate.


Roll out Activities

  •   Training on fish quality management – It is true that quality fishery products in terms of its appearance, shape, colour, taste and competitiveness’ always give a good price. In the entire coastal zone of Contai subdivision, Sarboday is imparting training programme for the fishermen community in association with NETFISH, Govt of India. The trainings included:
    • Advantage of proper icing
    • Onboard management in the entire fishing activities
    • Maintaining personal hygiene before starting, on-board and at harbor stations.
    • How to maintain the dry fish centres and packaging.
  •   Village Programmes – Sarboday organized several awareness programmes among fishers, auctioneers, fish handling workers, ice handling workers and other related members. Hygienic handling of fish, personnel hygiene, proper handling of ice, importance of regular cleaning schedule etc. was taught in the programme. Interactions with trainees regarding various quality issues at landing centres were done and various NETFISH posters, leaflets, short films and animation films are used for explaining them. Sometimes Rubber gloves, plastic shovels, plastic baskets, T-shirts, caps etc. were distributed instead of stipend in most of the programmes.
  •   School Children Programme – As the school children are also of fishermen families awareness programmes also done at schools along the coastal villages, so that the children can aware their parents and other family members who are engaged in farming of shrimps, fishing and allied activities in the coastal areas. The programme mostly consisted of lectures on sustainable fishing, different aspects of marine conservation, protection of mangroves, marine turtles, sustainable fishing, pollution, etc. Besides, topics such as ‘present status of the fishery resources and exports of the state and the country’, ‘personal hygiene’ and ‘acts & rules by State & Central Government for fishery conservation’ are being covered. Audio and visual media are being used on relevant issues and leaflets and posters on the topics are being distributed.
  •   Event celebration – Event celebrated with the presence of district fisheries management people to observe the same like World Environment Day, World Ocean day and World Fisheries Day. Beach cleaning programme, health camps for the people of fishermen community are being arranged here.